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Sede Storica Misericordia del Corpus Domini Buonconvento


Sede Storica Misericordia del Corpus Domini

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Sede Storica Misericordia del Corpus Domini
53022 Buonconvento, via Roma, 5

Telephone 0577 807272 - 348 7072500

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Although the first brotherhoods date back to the thirteenth century, the Buonconvento Mercy was formed in 1595. However, the oldest information about a brotherhood in Buonconvento dates back to 1410, when it was mentioned in the documents the lay company of St. Peter, but just as old, if not pre-existing, was that of Corpus Christi; both came together in 1610 under the title of the second.

The documentary sources also recall an Oratory of St. Sebastian, of which we have news since 1551, the annex building of the Hospital of St. Anthony; the late eighteenth century the two companies were mentioned, of St. Peter and St. Sebastian. The Company, suppressed by edict of Peter Leopold of Tuscany in 1785, was reconstituted under the title of the Blessed Sacrament in 1791; in 1864 he gave the new statutes and turned in Pia Misericordia Buonconvento.

The current fraternity with his oratory, under the title of St. Sebastian, is located along the main street of the village, the road Soccini, opposite the parish church of SS. Peter and Paul and not far from the Museum of Sacred Art of Val d'Arbia.

Adjacent to the Oratory, there are the exhibition rooms called "Heritage and Witness", where they collected all the memories of the Brotherhood from birth to now. This small but significant museum contains mostly works of art and liturgical objects, but there is also a collection deriving from health care exercised by the Brotherhood.

The scientific collection includes nineteenth and twentieth-century objects, among which we highlight a first-aid kit with medicines and glass objects, including a parrot for women, and one of the first ambulances ( "Carrino sprint") used by the Brotherhood .

September 14, 2002, upon completion of works for the recovery of the premises, was inaugurated the new museum, which houses, in addition to objects from the collection of the Brotherhood, even those of other local institutions.

Many of the artifacts belonging to the brotherhoods were included in the Museum of Sacred Art; among these, for the historical and artistic significance, worth mentioning are the altarpiece by Pietro di Domenico, the heads of Simondio Salimbeni coffin, the Baroque statue of the Pope.

Atrium that precedes the Oratory are exposed processional lamps, hoods intended to confreres, a black velvet funeral bandinella with golden trimmings, manuscripts and engravings; and a unique litter which was carried on the shoulders of four confreres, in use until the fifties, to bring assistance to the sick.

In the next room are placed some relevant liturgical objects, kept in a glass case, the painting of St. Catherine, St. Dominic and the Mysteries of the Rosary painted by Stefano Volpi around 1630 to contain the Madonna and Child by Duccio, a painted wood sculpture of St. Anthony of Padua and the bier of the seventeenth century.

Display in the Museum are the two small statues of San Rocco and San Lorenzo and the two wooden urns in the shape of a chalice, destined to voting, painted on the end of the sixteenth century with images of San Sebastian and San Pietro.




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