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00 - Ciclo di affreschi del chiostro maggiore sulla vita di San Benedetto Asciano

00 - Ciclo di affreschi del chiostro maggiore sulla vita di San Benedetto

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Year: 1505-1508
Current location: Abbazia di Monte Oliveto Maggiore
Original location: Abbazia di Monte Oliveto Maggiore


The cycle of frescoes covering the walls of the cloister were first initiated by Signorelli and Sodoma completed at a later date. It is not known until today, the reason why the Signorelli has abandoned in the mid quet'opera great. Is assumed to be the case with orders to seize the opportunity to perhaps the most prestigious and better paid.


The frescoes attributed to Sodom were made ​​over three years and are considered the ultimate expression of the artist's mature pictorial. The assignment was given by the monks Olivetani after he had painted on their behalf, among them 1503 and 1504, the refectory of the monastery of Sant'Anna in Camprena.


These frescoes (20) are indicated as the first cycle because the first concern of the life of St. Benedict. The exception is the twenty-first fresco is placed at the end of the story with the delivery of virtual rules Benedictine order Olivetano to the founding fathers.


The panels of the entire cycle:


01 - How Benedict leaves his father's house and goes to study in Rome
02 - How Benedict leaves the school of Rome
03-How Benedict heals the master that he had broken
04 - As a Roman monk he gives the hermit habit to Benedict
05 - How the devil breaks the bell
06 - Like a god-inspired priest brings food to Benedict on Easter day
07 - How Benedict teaches the peasants who visited him in holy doctrine
08 - How Benedict tempted by impurity overcomes temptation
09 - How Benedict allows the preaching of some hermits to be their leader
10 - How Benedict breaks a poisoned glass with the sign of the cross.
11 - How Benedict completes the construction of twelve monasteries
12 - How Benedict receives the two Roman boys Mauro and Placido
13 - How Benedict frees a demon-possessed monk by beating him
14 - As Benedict prayed by the monks he produces water from the top of a mountain
15 - How Benedict brings back into the handle a billhook that had fallen into the bottom of a lake
16 - As Mauro sent to save Placido, he walks over the water
17 - How Benedict converts a flask of wine hidden from him by a boy into a snake
18 - How Florenzo tries to poison Benedict
19 - How Florenzo sends females badly to the monastery
20 - How Benedict sends Mauro to France and Placido to Sicily
21 - How God punishes Florenzo
22 - How Benedict evangelizes the inhabitants of Montecassino
23 - How Benedict chases the enemy above the stone
24 - How Benedict resurrects the little monk whose wall had fallen on him
25 - As Benedict tells the monks where and when they ate outside the monastery
26 - As Benedict reproaches the brother of Valerian monk for violating fasting
27 - How Benedict discovers the fiction of Totila
28 - How Benedict welcomes and recognizes Totila
29 - As Benedict predicts the destruction of Montecassino
30 - How Benedict obtains flour in abundance and restores the monks
31 - How Benedict appears to two distant monks and they draw the construction of a monastery
32 - How Benedict excommunicates two religious and then absolves them that they were dead
33 - How Benedict makes the body of Christ be brought over the monk that the earth did not want to receive
34-How Benedict forgives the monk who wanting to escape from the monastery he finds a snake in the street
35 - How Benedict unties a peasant who was tied up only by looking at him.

00 - Ciclo di affreschi del chiostro maggiore sulla vita di San Benedetto