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NativitÓ della Vergine Asciano

NativitÓ della Vergine

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Artist: Sano di Pietro
Current location: Museo Civico Archeologico e d'Arte Sacra Palazzo Corboli
Original location: Basilica Millenaria di S.Agata


Tempra on wood, 222x172, 5 cm. It 'an altarpiece dating from around 1430, painted in tempera on wood by an artist still uncertain attribution. "Master Observance" is the conventional name chosen by Alberto Graziani (pupil of Roberto Longhi) to define this "noble artist, of a parallel culture to that of Sassetta but more insistently archaic." Angelini also argues that it is "an artist akin to Sassetta, but more deeply nourished by the juices of tradition" (Sienese Painting-Federico Motta Editore). And the Encyclopedia of Art Garzanti we read: "The Master Observance enriches the tradition of Sienese Gothic notations detailed naturalistic and lively atmosphere marked in gold" Although the exact identification of the artist has not yet reached a substantial understanding among scholars, we know for sure that the "Master Observance" was one of the protagonists of the fifteenth-century painting in Siena. In this altarpiece of the "Nativity of the Virgin" is represented a domestic environment of Siena at the time, with a good dose of imagination that makes everyday life more fabulous. A sort of "Good Government" of the family, where everything is documented in detail and is exactly in its place: rich, poor, servants, infants and visitors. Unlike today, in those days the rulers and powerful reasoned much and City Governments "ideal", and in this context this could probably be considered a domestic life "ideal" of those times. What a breath of fresh air and poetry, in painting this bright, clear, relaxed, full of tenderness, love and peace! Retrieved from: http://www3.varesenews.it/blog/labottegadelpittore/?page_id=2

NativitÓ della Vergine