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Sant'Agata Asciano


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Current location: Museo Civico Archeologico e d'Arte Sacra Palazzo Corboli
Original location: Basilica Millenaria di S.Agata


Carved and polychrome wood, height 230 cm.

This great wooden statue, of which we do not know the author and which until a few years ago was carried in procession along the streets of the town on his feast day, has a form not found in the traditional iconography of the Saint.

In fact, we do not know of any of his statues made in a kneeling position. In addition, the saint is always depicted with her right hand holding a tray with the two breasts that were removed before her final martyrdom. In this case, the position of his arms seems to represent an adoring attitude.

It is possible that the unknown artist, inspired by its location and the presence in the church of the fifteenth-century crucifix, the object of great veneration by the faithful, conceived it as genuflected and reverent before the cross.


Perhaps it is no coincidence that, until the restoration of the church dating back to 1954, the two works were placed facing each other: the Holy Crucifix in the central wall of the right transept and Sant'Agata, in the center of the left transept wall .