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M10 - Antico Mulino del Comune di sopra Asciano


M10 - Antico Mulino del Comune di sopra

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M10 - Antico Mulino del Comune di sopra

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The existence of this mill is not certain enough, so much so as to question its existence, if there were not a document of 1325, relating to the rent of the two mills of the municipality. Even more uncertain is its location and its functioning, as there is no longer any evident trace of it.

A sustainable hypothesis is put forward below, but different from others already indicated, in light of three simple considerations:

Since this is a Mulido intended for metalworking, based on what is contained in the aforementioned contract which speaks of the existence of two water hammers and since it is a shop that, in addition to agricultural tools, could produce weapons, its location would be reasonable inside the city walls.

Given the levels of the gore at the time, the fact that the water from the mill above was reused for the mill below would confirm that the power supply of this "ironworks" had to be connected to an underground channel coming directly from the "Lama" and of which evident traces have been found in the area.

Furthermore, even the drainage water from the fountain in the square, after having fed an ancient source of washing facilities, recently found between the square and the mill, could contribute to the functioning of the same.

Once used by the mill above, the water flowed into the canal coming from the Porticciola, feeding the millstone near the mill below. In the case of already full gora, the discharge of the Mulino di sopra ended directly in the Copra riverbed, thanks to a spillway located a little further south.

The architectural structure of the block under Piazza del Grano and the location of the Sources Laundries built in the late nineteenth century, lead us to assume with good margins of certainty its location where indicated on the map. This place should now correspond to a large private garage, located close to the nineteenth-century sources. 
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