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No. 1 tour of the historic center of Asciano Asciano

No. 1 tour of the historic center of Asciano


Track length: 1,3 km

Road bed type: Asfalto

Difficulty: Medio-bassa


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At the office of the Tourist Sources laundry room, close to all the parks along the river Copra.Si takes the narrow stairs to the right of the wash-house sources, leading to Piazza del Grano, cross the square, admiring the beautiful fountain dating to 1400, attributed to Nicola Pisano. Continue uphill to the right of the fountain, after a few meters, turn left under the arch that leads to the way of fishing, caretiristico alley that runs along the walls of the fourteenth century. At the end of this street we come to one of the most important gateways to the city center, known as leads, or Bianchi Bandinelli of Siena. From here you take the entire course of Giacomo Matteotti, which allows us to reach all places of interresse turistco / art: the Museum of Palazzo Corboli, the church and convent of St. Augustine, the oldest pharmacy Francini Naldi, the tower Civic, the former church of San Bernardino, until you reach the main tourist area of ​​the fountain represented the slipper, the palace and the beautiful Romanesque basilica Tolmei dedicara in Sant'Agata. From here, going back by Mameli you can reach the Museum of Sienese painting of the 800 and then the mosaic of the Roman villa, situated on a song. Looking back upon the Corso Matteotti ranging from civic tower at the beginning of Via Santa Maria, characterized by the remains of a fresco dedicated to the Virgin Mary, you walk along this narrow, ancient street to reach the parallel Via Luigi Magi. In this way, the historical site of Asciano famous ceramics manufacturers around the world, is the birthplace of the famous sculptor of the same name and next to it the way an ancient kiln for firing pottery, still preserved in excellent condition but is not open. From here, passing in front of the important but poorly preserved Palazzo del Podesta, take the stairs to go back to where we started.




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No. 1 tour of the historic center of Asciano

Partenza dall'ufficio Turistico delle Fonti Lavatoie, vicino a tutti i parcheggi situati lungo il co